All I want for Christmas…

5 things on my wish list this year

It’s funny how your needs change as you get older. At one time, there were so many things you might want for Christmas but then one day you stop and realize you have practically everything you want. Or need.


I bet you’re wondering where this is going. So let me assure you, it’s not one of those spiritual, inspirational posts about all the good I want to see happen in the world.

photo of macbook computer on table

Oh no. This is a list of things I found that I would like after all. And they all relate to the internet in some way.

So here they are, in no particular order:

  1. A Mac computer. That’s right. I’m ready to switch. Of course, I’ll have to keep a working PC around because my tax program isn’t Mac-compatible. But there you have it. I want a Mac. A laptop. With a big screen. Go big — or stay home, they always say. So I’d pick a more expensive model–with a big screen.
  2. I want a new website which I think I can build myself. Unless of course, someone wants to pay a really fab designer several hundred dollars to create one for me. But no. I don’t care about the professional design so much. However, I will need a theme. I’ll probably take this one at GeneratePress which is free unless someone wants to pay for the upgrade. I need other things first though. Like hosting. A year would be good. Three years would be awesome. A recommended place (at least the one recommended as easiest to get going with a WordPress website is Bluehost. I already have a domain name. So that’s it. And I’d get hooked up with a professional writing website.
  3. I want to play. In that respect, I want to be enrolled in this class: Wanderlust 2016. And if not that, then this: Sweet Paul Makerie. Now trust me; Sweet Paul Makerie is about 10x the price of Wanderlust and that’s not counting the money to get there! Maybe not lodging either. So I’d go with the first class. The one that’s a year long, online. If I were shopping for me, that’s what I’d get.
  4. On a slightly more economical level, I’d take some of the books on That White Paper Guy’s list. I don’t have any of the ones from the first three sections so any of those are a safe bet. And, yes, I work for him. And maybe it’s a little blatant promotion but seriously, these are GOOD books. For a lot of people. Some of them, even if you’re not  a writer.
  5. I’d like a new Canon lens. Of course, that’s stretching it for my Internet category. Unless you count that I’d use it to take photos for my new website. Or for Instagram. Or maybe Pinterest. But I don’t know what lens I’d want right now anyway so maybe I should trash this item.

At this point, I guess I’m stretching things so I’ll stop my list. As you can see, there’s not a lot I really want. And the things I do want are all related to my professional life. Which kind of makes them not so bad. Right?

And about those other things. The spiritual, inspirational things. I do wish for all those things too. In fact, I wish for those things every day, all year long. That way it frees up my Christmas list for things I remember I might want. If anyone’s buying.

What are you wishing for this Christmas? Tell me in the Comments section. But be serious. None of that inspirational stuff.

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