My carrot grater and what it’s got to do with writing


Have you ever had a kitchen tool –or any other tool for that matter–that you just couldn’t part with even though  you know it’s seen better days? 


That’s how I am with my little carrot grater.

My tiny handheld carrot-shaped grater has seen better days. It’s carrot-top is almost ready to snap off from years of use.

The grater isn’t an expensive item and I’ve had it for a very long time. Probably more than 30 years. I think I won it as a prize in a shower game and I’m pretty sure it was at my own wedding shower. I suspect it was purchased at a dollar store–or what some of us might have called “the five and dime” store.

So about the carrot grater.

It’s small.

It fits in the utensil drawer and it’s always easy to grab. And use. And clean.

Don’t you hate those graters that have 20 parts to them?

I have one of those. I root around in the “Tupperware” drawer to find the cover and then the base. I have to assemble it to use, then clean it. And of course one part of it is NOT dishwasher safe so I have to watch my spouse (and in previous years, my kids) like a hawk to make sure they don’t put the wrong part in the dishwasher. (I know…world problems, eh?)

My electric chopper is no better!

I have to stand on my head to find it pushed back on the shelf in the bottom of the cupboard. Then I have to search somewhere else for the blade because someone (spouse?) didn’t put it together when it was last used. And there’s the whole cleaning issue again. “Which part goes in the dishwasher?”

The carrot is so easy.

Really. That’s why I like it. It’s one piece. One simple little piece that I can stick in the dishwasher. I can also just give it a quick wash by hand because it’s one part. It doesn’t matter!

But as I said, it’s a dimestore grater, and after 30+ years, it’ getting fragile.

I’m going to have to replace it soon.

I bought a new grater from Epicure Selections. It’s two pieces, the blade and the base. The first time I used it, it went into the dishwasher and that is okay. Sort of. The next time I went to use it, I could only find the base. A few days later, I found the blade on the bottom of the dishwasher.

There’s nothing wrong with it otherwise. It grates okay. I was worried the fine blade would be too fine but it’s not bad. I was even thinking I should try the grater without the base. If that would work, I’d at least have just one piece to keep track of.

And I bought this one.


I picked it up at a yard sale for .50. Why? I can tell already that I am going to HATE keeping track of all those parts. But I’ll try it.

When I don’t use my carrot.

Old habits die hard.

It’s hard to change our habits. Our likes. Our dislikes. And whether they’re little things like carrot graters or bigger things like career choices, it matters to us.

Take my career; I’ve been a freelance writer for so long. I say it’s over 20 years but really, I’ve been telling the stories of people and their lives all MY life.

Now I’m working towards changing what I write. I want to write for business. I’m over the thrill of seeing my name in print. Now I want to see it on the cheque.

There’s so much more money in business writing. If I’d gotten into it years ago, I’d probably be making six figures by now.

I’m working on it.

To that end, you might notice a change in the slant of my blog posts and my Twitter account and perhaps in my other social media accounts too. I’m probably going to try tie things into my working life and see how things can relate.

And I intend to be at home writing the kinds of things I should have done years ago. Because I can tell a great story–and people need good stories, even in business.

So if you know anyone that could use a really good writer for their business; for their newsletters, blogs, websites…whatever…send them my way.

Hey! If you know where I can get a new carrot grater, send that my way too, please.

Have you ever had something you couldn’t part with? Have you ever had a hard time making a change? Share your thoughts in my Comments section.


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