Me in an oversized t-shirt

My T-Shirt Remodel

Does one “remodel” a t-shirt?

If so, that’s what I did.

You know how those boxy men’s t-shirts are? Certainly NOT flattering to someone that doesn’t need any added bulk!

But the t-shirt in question is one that I just need to wear once in a while…like tomorrow when the torch for the Pan-Am Games comes through town…and various local groups stand together in support.

I’ll be standing with Stories in the North but I dreaded the thought of wearing this t-shirt. I like the t-shirt fine enough–it’s got our Stories in the North logo on the front and our website address on the back. It’s just the style of the shirt.


Me in an oversized t-shirt
But I’d saved something on Pinterest a while back. (If you want to see it, go follow me ( and check out my “Things I Need to Make” Board. The original I’d seen was on this website. I don’t think it’s active any more.

So I grabbed my scissors–the ones I keep in the package that says, “Mom’s Sewing Scissors–Do NOT Touch!–and I began to snip.

2) snip the bottom
…the bottom. I was just cutting it below the seam to help keep the shape but I went back later and cut about 3 inches off as I really didn’t like the length. Hopefully it will hold up.

3)snip the sleeve
…I cut the sleeves, at an angle. I cut about an inch out from the underarm and angled up to the top edge. I ended up cutting this a little shorter at the top too. But better to do a bit and then adjust. Right?

And finally…
4) snip the neck
…I cut around the neck, just below the neck band. I may go back and trim this a wee bit more to make a wider neck opening. It’ll be cooler. Some of these t-shirts are SO hot. This is a good way to make it a bit cooler.

Once all the snips were made, I gently stretched each area to make the fabric roll up slightly.

Here’s the finished product…
5)thats better

So, tell me. What do you think?

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