As if?

As if I haven’t posted on my blog since December.

As a writer, that makes me ashamed.

I’ve thought about it. But what could I say? What would be of value? What would you really want to hear about?

How much I hated winter?

How much I loved Mexico? And want to winter there and wonder why I live somewhere cold when I could just as easily live somewhere warm and vibrant and…happening.


Check out this little video from Mexico.

We’re so horrible at video but you learn a lot when you do a few…in other words, we’ll get better. It still sounds good so…enjoy.

I’ve got another video of a fellow making a Caesar salad from scratch. It. Was. Amazing. And to think I said I didn’t like anchovies….that salad was so good. I should go watch the video again. Anyone want me to post it?

How busy I was when I got back because I’d neglected my tax customers and overextended myself with writing commitments.

I did this in The Sault Star the week I got back.

And this in The Sault Star the following week.

And I had to scramble to get this latest issue of Our Homes Sault Ste. Marie & Algoma together!

Plus I’ve been doing some behind the scenes B2B work with That White Paper Guy. (Click on Blog and scroll down a few posts to see my post on stock photos.)

And spent a little time having fun with Stories in the North hosting this event. Incidentally, I update their blog and Facebook page too.

I also did The Scrapbook Room’s Spring Crop which involves posts you’ll find here on The Scrapbook Room’s Facebook page and on the blog here.

So now I sound like I’m bragging. Which is better than complaining. Right?

Anyway, life gets in the way or perhaps it’s jobs that pay as opposed to taking time to do frivolous posts on my personal blog. I do still like doing them though.And I DO intend to!

One more thing that gets in the way: social media. But I love, love, love it. I love the internet. I love how much there is to read and learn. I find myself engulfed in everything and I wish I could just devour it all. I should actually share some of my favourite finds over the course of a week. Anyone into that?

For example, I was just all set to read an online magazine I came across. It’s called Scrap n’ Art. Alas when I clicked on an article, I must subscribe. But hey, it’s only $2.00 per month. $2.00? Are you kidding me? I must go subscribe. Now.

See how easy it is? I get lost in the web and I forget to blog.

But I promise (again) to make more of an effort. And If I don’t do so well, you can find me at any of those other links I’ve given you already!

So what do you think I should say?

What would YOU like to read?



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